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(reposted from :icondemonreapergirl:)

Let's see who truly reads my journals.... you and I wake up in a police car
together. Using Four words only, what would you say to me? Note: if you comment,
you must copy and paste this to your journal so I can comment on your post as
well. Be good and play along.

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Happy Birthday! :party:
yume-ookami Nov 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I like Keep Calm and Flutter On but I never knew how to justify it to those who hated it until I found this:

"Discord wasn’t really a bad guy, if anything more like a prankster. He is the embodiment of chaos. He wasn’t a after the throne, he just wanted to screw with ponies by literally fliping everything around. Discord never had friends and such never had to take that into acount of his actions. Seeing Fluttershy turn away from him after breaking his promess of not causing a colamety finally made him see his actions do have a price, and he didn’t want to lose the one friend he’s ever had. This is my thought anyways."

Your thoughts?

Interesting comment. Your take on it?
Yo! Seen my two latest journal? There are comments you might find interesting too.
Yo! Seen my latest journal?
Can you help me with this guy: [link]
I mean, he has blocked me so I'd like it if you could reply to her in my place...
Rebutal posted.

Also I've commented on the persons journal (Yes this person must expose you to the world!), in the hope whoever sees this also at least sees someone trying to calm things down as if this was the Salem Witch Trials.
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